“People Say I Too Like Woman, Let Me Enjoy My Life, Na Just One Life Dey”- : Ibrahim Chatta Says As He Spend Time With Different Ladies

Written by fazazy39

Ibrahim Chatta’s recent online post, where he shares an image of himself enjoying the company of two ladies, has sparked discussions and reactions across social media platforms.

Addressing the situation, Chatta acknowledges that he’s often associated with a strong affection for women, but he asserts that such opinions won’t deter him from expressing himself or engaging in activities that bring him happiness.

The picture, which features the actor alongside several beautiful women, appears to be taken on a movie set, given the context.

In his caption, he writes: “People say I am ‘Oko Olomoge’ (husband of beautiful ladies)… But standing with God, my voice won’t be silenced.”

The shared image showcases Chatta’s unapologetic attitude towards enjoying life and embracing his choices.

The image has ignited a buzz on social media, capturing both praise and criticism, as netizens commend and rebuke the actor for sharing such a picture online, especially while being known to smoke tobacco. It should be noted, though, that the image appears to be taken from a movie scene.

Check out their reactions below:

Iamabiodunthomas: 🙌 One with God is the majority 🙏 😍😍😍

JiganBabaoja: Hmmmmm, I won’t say a thing 😂😂😂

Apankufor1: She’s shouting my name; she wants to rip my clothes off 😂😂😂

Pholar_xx: Sir, let me tell you this straight… You look incredibly amazing at your age. You exude vibrancy, intelligence, and versatile talent. Above all, you are blessed by God. May Allah continue to illuminate your path. You’re a legend.

Iam_olushola1224: Senior, please tag the lady in black. I want to ask her something ✌️

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