“The level of issues in this country is overwhelming” – Actress Joke Jigan Cries Out Over receiving death threats from an assassin. (Video)

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The concerning trend of celebrities receiving death threats from unidentified sources has escalated to an alarming level. From Yul Edochie’s daughter Danielle to Eniola Badmus, and now Joke Jigan, it’s a stark reminder that celebrities should not underestimate their security.

Joke Jigan, a Yoruba actress, took to her Instagram page to share screenshots of a conversation she had with an individual who had threatened her.

Based on their exchange, it’s apparent that the man is familiar with the actress and has been closely observing her activities for some days. He clarified that he had seen she was innocent of the allegations made against her. Astonishingly, he revealed that he had been paid to carry out an assassination against the actress but decided against it due to his belief in her innocence. He issued a warning to Joke, cautioning her against involving the police, as he might feel compelled to execute his sinister plan.

Undeterred by the threat, Joke responded by daring him to follow through with his actions, asserting that she would not entertain negotiations with him.

In the caption accompanying the screenshots, she drew attention to the dire state of affairs in the country, expressing how tumultuous the situation is.

“The challenges in Nigeria, especially at this time, are overwhelming. This country is in turmoil. I woke up terribly hungry.”

This incident underscores the precarious security situation that celebrities and individuals alike face, emphasizing the need for vigilance and caution in these uncertain times.

Eniola Badmus Raises Alarm About Threats on Her Life by an Unknown Man

A few weeks ago, Eniola Badmus voiced her concerns regarding the alarming death threats she had been receiving from an unidentified man.

Sharing her distress through her Instagram story, the prominent actress, who had recently taken legal action against a Tiktoker for defamation, disclosed that she had been receiving threatening messages from a man.

In a bold move, Eniola publicly disclosed the man’s phone number and called upon her followers to take action by contacting him, aiming to counter his threats and unsettle his intentions.

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