“This Is Getting Too Much These Days Ooo”– Temitope Iledo Says As Adeniyi Johnson and Mr Macaroni Beat Him While Mercilessly On Movie Set

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actor and film producer from Topright Entertainment recently posted a video of his upcoming movie, where he stars alongside colleagues such as Lateef Adedimeji, Mr. Macaroni, and Adeniyi Johnson.

In the video, the actor discusses the increasing intensity of the challenges his character faces and the need to speak up about it. The movie’s title remains undisclosed, but a group of men in the video appear to be dressed similarly to those in prison uniforms.

In the shared videos, Mr. Macaroni can be observed administering blows to the actor, while simultaneously Topright engages in a scuffle with Adeniyi Johnson.

Accompanying the videos, the actor expressed his distress regarding the increasing intensity of on-set beatings, mentioning that he’s still experiencing pain. He added that he plans to consult his lawyer on Monday about the situation.

The upcoming movies are anticipated to be quite captivating upon their release.

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