“I Was In Primary School When You released Bizzy Body”- Paul Okoye’s girlfriend, reveals that she was just five years old when the musical duo Psquare released their hit track “Bizzy Body.”

Written by fazazy39

Ivy Ifeoma, an influential presence on Instagram and also the girlfriend of Paul Okoye, recently shared a delightful video in which she danced to the well-known Psquare song “Bizzy Body.” Donning a black leather skirt, a stylish white crop top, and Y2K sunglasses, Ivy showcased her moves while grooving to the rhythm of the music. Her engaging content on TikTok has gained her popularity.

In the midst of the comments flooding in, one curious follower named Vicky couldn’t resist asking Ivy about her age when Psquare’s hit single “Bizzy Body” was released. In response, Ivy candidly stated that she was merely five years old when the song made its debut.

This revelation sparked a range of reactions from people, with many pointing out the age gap between Ivy and Paul Okoye, who was already in his 20s when the song was released. Some expressed concerns about their age difference, while others defended Ivy and emphasized that age shouldn’t dictate the nature of their relationship.

Here are a few snippets of the diverse reactions:

  • One user, chae_bae_shey, commented, “She is tooooo young for him … that’s child abuse.”
  • mizz_dame22 stated, “This lady dey kuku get reply for una u e since una no mind una business.”
  • Jaycee_design urged, “Allow this babe rest. She is Better than most of you dating people papa.”
  • cutie_lizzv02 quipped, “Naa she fit una for this social media.”

Ivy’s revelation stirred conversations about age dynamics in relationships and provoked varied viewpoints from the online community.

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