“I need a Young girl friend for my 84- year-old dad”- Actress Biodun Okeowo Reveal

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Nigerian actress Biodun Okeowo, popularly known as Omoborty, has taken to social media with a lighthearted plea on behalf of her 84-year-old father.

The voluptuous actress shared a playful request, seeking assistance in finding a girlfriend for her vibrant elderly father.

Across her social media platforms, she humorously conveyed her wish to discover a companion for her father, affectionately referring to him as a ‘young dude’.

Accompanied by a picture of her father, she reached out to her followers and fans, inviting them to participate in this endeavor.

In her words, “I’m on the lookout for a girlfriend for this youthful gentleman (my dad) who’s holding onto his youth at 84… This is where I inherited my youthful appearance from… My mom had the same in her lifetime. Rest in peace, Mom 🕊️🙏”.

People’s Reactions
The heartwarming posts swiftly captured attention, drawing responses from colleagues, fans, and followers who embraced her request.

Madam Sage commented, “Count me in, my everlasting love @officialomoborty ❤️”

A fan expressed, “I’m ready and available… Forever youthful, Pappy ❤️”

Another follower chimed in, “I’m here and available, sis.”

Someone else playfully added, “I’m just 21, still young, slender, and petite. Allow me to be your father’s charming companion. He’ll enjoy my company tirelessly 🤪😂😂😂”

Yet another person shared, “I’m available, but I must mention, I’m a single mother of two boys, though 😍❤️😂”

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