“I Face A lot Of Challenges Before Getting Pregnant”- Emotional Video of Cute Abiola’s Wife Praying for Safe Delivery Before Giving birth Trends

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In the footage, the wife of Cute Abiola opens up about her past struggles, alluding to the challenges she faced before conceiving. The video has resonated with online users, evoking empathy and reminding them of the hardships pregnant women endure.

Shortly after popular comedic figure and skit creator, Abdulgafar Ahmad, known as Cute Abiola, hosted an extravagant naming ceremony and thanksgiving event for his newborn, a touching video surfaced online featuring his wife, Khudrah Mosunmola, offering a heartfelt prayer ahead of her delivery.

The brief clip captures a visibly pregnant Mosunmola sharing her trepidation about childbirth, seeking divine assistance for a smooth and secure delivery.

In addition to her prayers for the well-being of herself and her newborn, the wife of the comedic skit creator also appealed to the divine for the preservation of her husband’s life.

“I went through hardships before becoming pregnant; God, I implore you to safeguard me and my child,”

she earnestly uttered in Yoruba during her prayer.

Netizens have responded to the video of Cute Abiola’s wife praying, with some of their comments highlighted below:

  • teeto__olayeni: “Amen. I am using her as a channel to ask God to fulfill the desires of all women seeking to have children soon. May every pregnant woman experience safe deliveries in the name of Jesus.”
  • mheenarh__: “Truly, God answers prayers because all her wishes have come true.”
  • fero_autos: “Lost for words. Unless you’ve gone through what she’s praying about, you won’t grasp the power of her prayer.”
  • mfoneyoh9: “This fear is so real, especially for first-time moms. Sometimes, the devil even whispers doubts. But our God is greater.”

Inquiring about Cute Abiola’s happiest day, the report reveals that he expressed gratitude to everyone who attended his son’s naming ceremony. Sharing captivating images from the event, he emphasized it was a memorable day he would always cherish. He conveyed his aspiration for his son to grow up, so he could share stories of his wealth and watch the delightful moments from his naming ceremony.

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