“Olamide Badoo Ti Fun mi Lowo oo , He Don Press It”– Jigan Says Few Days After Calling Badoo Out Online.

Written by fazazy39

Jigan Babaoja has once again shared a picture of Olamide, suggesting that Olamide has once again come through for him.

Just a few days back, Jigan Babaoja posted a video clip of the well-known hip-hop artist and producer Olamide Badoo online, where Olamide used his name in a song.

Jigan Babaoja disclosed that he had taken legal action against Olamide and was planning to proceed to court on Monday, unless Olamide chose to settle the matter by providing compensation.

After a considerable amount of public scrutiny, Olamide Badoo eventually sent a substantial sum of money to Jigan Babaoja.

Using the same platform, Instagram, Jigan Babaoja unveiled this new development online.

He wrote: “Update! Update! Update! Guess what, guys?!”

Check out the images below:

Both celebrities and fans found it puzzling, though many speculated that Baddo had received a financial boost. Check out some of the comments below:

Officialtopright: “He’s struck gold 😂😂😂”

Oses.m_curve: “We’re clueless. When will the giveaway begin? Or should I send my account details via direct message, knowing that Baddo has possibly blessed you?”

Ghostblogger101: “Money has been pressed for you, elder brother. 😂😂😂 You’re cunning.”

Morgan_Dmw: “Oh my, so you’ve finally received a windfall? 😂😂😂 Baddo’s hands are full of cash.”

Ogunsolaadewalet: “Yoruba people, you make an announcement and then post Badoo’s picture, and you’re asking his siblings to guess? 😂😂😂”

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