Two Nigerian men Set To Get Marry, release their pre-wedding photos as they set to walk down to the altar

Written by fazazy39

A couple of Nigerian men based in Canada have chosen to share their pre-wedding pictures on social media as they prepare for their upcoming wedding. The gay couple, known as @iambrightj and @oraifk on Instagram, can be seen wearing traditional attire.

In an Instagram post, @iambrightj expressed their desire for love and acceptance, writing, “To those with kind hearts, someday you will receive what you deserve.

Be patient and cautious. We simply wish to experience love just as we give it. Soon to be husband. Big purrrrr B&I.”

A different post shares, “August has arrived… (I’m marrying my constant love of faith). I cherish you all so much. This is a testament to God’s grace for us. To my dear @oraifk, thank you for pursuing me with purpose, safeguarding and respecting me. You are the embodiment of my heart in human form. Our journey together has been like a roller coaster ride, to put it mildly—filled with both ups and downs. We had unexpected conversations about fully coming out to my wonderful families and then to the world. After spending years in the shadows, we can now happily spend our lives together. But before that, we paid a significant tribute by celebrating love through our culture and traditions. We don’t follow trends; we set them boldly. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who stood by us, offering abundant support and boundless love. Your unwavering care means the world to us. We deeply appreciate and love you all. This is just the start of a wonderful life. Stay right here because everlasting love is here to stay, lasting until the very end of our eternal chapter. #isaidyes #brightj #yesiwillmarryyou #dogdad #myphoto #positivevibes #weddingcomingsoon #engaged #loveyourself.”

Take a look at the post below (swipe for more):

Check out the reactions below:

veevogee: May we not bring forth what we can’t comprehend, Lord 🙏.

petmorah: It’s sad to see the disregard for those clothes 😢.

akiti_sylvester: May God take action against them for disrespecting our Igbo attire.

bigfaye_merchant: If you’re going to do this, please avoid wearing Igbo traditional attire. This belief clashes with our culture, and it’s considered taboo in the Igbo tradition.

stretchmarks_intensive: They traded the truth of God for a falsehood. Instead of worshipping the Creator Himself, who is worthy of eternal praise, they worshiped and served created things. That’s why God let them follow their shameful desires. Even women turned from natural relations to unnatural ones, indulging in same-sex relationships. Likewise, men abandoned normal relations with women, lusting after one another. They engaged in disgraceful acts, facing the consequences of their actions. Since they rejected acknowledging God, He allowed them to follow their foolish thoughts, leading to improper behavior. Their lives were filled with all forms of wickedness, sin, greed, hate, envy, murder, quarreling, deception, malicious actions, and gossip. Romans 1:25–29 NLT.

nennyspark: This is quite amusing, honestly. I sense a feminine energy from one of the guys in the relationship. Being gay means having attraction towards the same sex. If these two men are attracted to each other as men, why does one need to display feminine traits and act like a woman in the relationship? Why can’t both be masculine? Behaving in a feminine manner indicates that one of the guys still holds onto feminine characteristics and craves a female presence in his life. So, why? If you’re gay but only attracted to a man who behaves like a woman, why not simply date a woman? It’s quite perplexing. The same applies to women attracted to other women who exhibit masculine behavior. Why not date a man if you’re drawn to masculinity and end up using male reproductive sex toys for pleasure? 🤦🤦🤦 Why not just date an actual man from the beginning?

iam_rasz: This seems to be the new trend… Heterosexual men are becoming rare. I advise my fellow black kings to take note of the rising levels of estrogen. However, Africans seem unaware of the reasons behind this phenomenon. In any case, let them marry each other, as it leaves more girls for us straight men. Thank you 🙏.

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