Femi Adebayo comes to Tonto Dikeh’s defense amidst criticism regarding her assessment of his latest film.

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Nollywood actor Femi Adebayo has taken a stand to support his fellow English colleague Tonto Dikeh against fan criticisms following her movie review.

After making headlines for her criticism of NDLEA on Thursday, the actress shared her thoughts on the movie “Jagun Jagun.”

Tonto revealed that it had been a decade since she last watched a Nigerian film, and the impact of the movie left her deeply moved.

Describing “Jagun Jagun” as an exceptional film, Tonto praised both the crew and cast for their remarkable work.

She highlighted that she doesn’t personally know anyone involved in the movie and only watched it based on the recommendation of her international friends.

“This marks my review for the first Nigerian movie I’ve watched in over a decade.

I was taken aback. I believe this movie is incredible. I’m not acquainted with anyone involved, from production to the crew.

Yet, I viewed it based on the enthusiastic recommendation of my international friends, and I must admit I AM ASTONISHED!
Kudos to the producers, crew, and cast!!”

Her admission of not having watched Nigerian movies and being unfamiliar with the cast of “Jagun Jagun” drew criticism from many quarters.

One individual, Baba Johne, expressed, “First time watching a Nigerian movie… don’t know anyone in the movie… All irrelevant information that no one needs to hear.”

Another person, Official Uwem Jay, commented, “You don’t know anyone in the movie? Really?”

Original Adedayo added, “Not watching movies from your own country is now a trend. Okay.”

Uhunamure Kenneth noted, “Nobody asked her if she knows them personally or if she doesn’t watch Nigerian movies. That’s your choice; you can keep that to yourself.”

Responding to these comments, Femi Adebayo thanked Tonto for the review and encouraged critics to moderate their reactions.

In defense of her, he clarified that Tonto was implying she didn’t have a close relationship with the individuals, thus her judgment of his movie wasn’t influenced by sentiment. He shared, “Thank you, Tonto. Guys, please understand the context of the word ‘personally.’ It means we are not close, hence no bias in her review. Please let it be. Thank you so much. I appreciate you all.”

Tonto responded, suggesting that they use their energy to become better acquainted, saying, “My brother, let’s channel this energy into getting to know each other. Please disregard these people. I appreciate you, sir.”

Nkechi Blessing also weighed in, criticizing critics for their lack of comprehension. She remarked, “They’ll ignore the word ‘PERSONALLY’ and focus on other insignificant things. I can already see the comments. Read to understand, please.”

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