“I’m Proud Of You Guys, You Did So Well, This Is Gorgeous” – Actress Yewande Adekoya Praises Ijebu and Mr Macaroni

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actress Yewande Adekoya Abiodun expressed gratitude towards her fellow actors, Ijebu and Mr Macaroni, for their remarkable performances in the movie “Jagun Jagun.”

Yewande shared a video clip of their exceptional acting and praised them for their impressive portrayal, acknowledging their commitment to their roles.

She expressed that while watching their scenes, she experienced goosebumps and a feeling as if her head had grown three times in size, all due to their incredible performances.

She posted: “Egbami ooo 😂🙌👏 @ijebuu is that you 😂👏🙌 Goosebumps ooo, this is beautiful @mrmacaroni1 @ijebuu @adamseffects I see you, take your flowers 🌺 👊👊 This is beautiful. My head is three times its original size right now, and I never watched half of the film 🤣 I’m so proud and excited 💃 #jagunjagun is now showing on Netflix. @femiadebayosalami What manner of sorcery is this, Brother Femi 🙌🤯 #stillwatching I dey come.”

Watch the video below:

Ronikfab: The Yoruba film industry is filling us with pride. I adore the movie. I’ve watched it thrice 😂

Leema_Shadeah: Every one of them performed incredibly. I was covered in goosebumps throughout the movie. A remarkable masterpiece.

Otectic_building_designs: Nigerians show exceptional talent, hard work, and perseverance. I genuinely desire to have numerous Nigerian friends and followers ❤️💙

Simbiat_temitope: The combo of Ijebu and Macaroni sounds as appetizing as rice and beans to my ears 😅 It’s like I’m hungry 😅😅😅

Nana_aaheesha: Whenever Ijebu is in a fight, I can’t help but shout – “shifo master” 😂 “shifo master” 😂😂 His kung fu training didn’t go to waste 😂😂😂

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