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“No Place Like Home”-Main Reason Why I Had To Moved Back To Nigeria From USA – Actor, Omo Banke Reveal

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian actor Soji Taiwo, renowned as Omo Banke, has revealed the motives that prompted his unexpected return to Nigeria, after spending a considerable period in the United States of America.

His initial move to the US had created considerable buzz, yet he managed to astonish many by staging a compelling comeback to his homeland.

Omo Banke clarified that his decision to return was rooted in his eagerness to partake in the exciting new phase of Nollywood, where he aspires to participate in major film projects such as “King of Thieves” and “Jagun Jagun.”

The actor, openly discussing the evolution in his career since his return, expressed his elation about the rise of high-budget Yoruba films within the industry.

Soji remarked, “This is a fantastic development for Nollywood right now. I extend my admiration to the actors and filmmakers who are vigorously altering the industry’s narrative. I’m particularly looking forward to working on movies like ‘Jagun Jagun’ (The Warrior) and ‘Ageshinkole’ (King of Thieves).”

He continued, “That’s my aspiration, and I know my fans share the same desire for such projects. That’s why I returned from the United States of America. I’m back for good, aiming for further progress and success. Witnessing more high-budget Yoruba films like ‘Jagun Jagun’ is what I’m excited about.

Regarding rumors circulating about his activities during his time in the United States, the actor mentioned that he was unperturbed by them.

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