“Oya send account Make I Bless You” – Davido Apologize For Angry Response By Rewarding His fan on a road trip who insists on seeing him after being told to stop.

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Renowned Nigerian musician, David Adeleke, widely recognized as Davido, has once more exhibited his philanthropic character by graciously acknowledging a fan who embarked on a road trip with the intention of meeting him.

As earlier reported by Intel Region, a young individual named Emmiwuks had publicly shared his ambitious quest to journey from Benue state to Lagos on a bicycle, with the sole purpose of connecting with the music sensation, Davido.

Moved by the fervor and resolve displayed by the fan, Davido took notice and provided guidance. In an understanding manner, he advised Emmiwuks to reconsider his plans, revealing that he was currently not present in the country.

Displaying remarkable determination, the resolute young individual continues his relentless bicycle journey from Benue to Lagos, driven by an unwavering aspiration to meet Davido, his fervor unyielding in the face of challenges.

Overflowing with passionate anticipation, he discloses a unique gift crafted with sincerity, destined for the hands of Davido, the esteemed proprietor of the DML record label. This meaningful offering signifies his eagerness to honor the accomplished artist.

In a tweet, he further announces his onward journey from Ogun State to Benin, reaffirming his commitment to his mission, saying, “I am not turning back, Boss. I am determined to present my gift to you @davido. From Benin State, en route to Ogun any moment from now…”

Recognizing the young man’s steadfast commitment to his journey, Davido’s compassionate nature prompted him to extend a helping hand. He kindly requested the fan to provide his bank account details, showing his willingness to offer support.

Understanding the fan’s determination and not wanting to dampen his spirits, Davido assured him that he can continue his ambitious bicycle ride when Davido returns to Nigeria.

In his tweet, Davido conveyed, “I see your determination… Alright, send me your account details. You can resume your remarkable journey once I’m back ❤️.”

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