“You make me miss my dead daughter”- Actress Remi Surutu burst into tears as skit-maker Isbae U surprised her on a movie set

Written by fazazy39

The act of humanity performed by sketch creator Ismail Adebayo, recognized as Isbae U, took esteemed actress Remi Surutu by surprise and evoked an emotional reaction during a movie shoot.

Renowned for his entertaining sketches and unique content, the talented skit creator decided to pleasantly astonish the actress with flowers and a thoughtful gift, demonstrating his appreciation and fondness for her.

In the YouTube video, Remi Surutu was completely surprised as Isbau approached her with a warm smile, holding a delightful bouquet of flowers and a gift.

The actress, celebrated for her elegance and exceptional acting prowess, was evidently touched by this unforeseen display of generosity.

Isbae U titles the video as, “Eliciting Unexpected Emotions from Her | Remi Surutu, Spreading Love and Honoring Our Icons.”

View the video here:

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