“Thanks For Supporting Me Through Out Egbon”– Veteran Actor Hassan Ogogo Says As He Celebrate His Elder Brother Birthday Today

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian veteran actor Taiwo Hassan, famously known as Ogogo, has taken to social media to convey a heartfelt birthday message to his brother, celebrating the uniqueness of this special day.

Through his post, the actor beautifully emphasizes the profound bond between siblings, underscoring the significance of family ties.

In a touching tribute shared across his social media platforms, Ogogo expresses his deep appreciation to God for blessing him with an extraordinary brother.

He writes, “To the one I hold dear with all my heart and strength, @olu_ogogo. I thank God for blessing me with a brother like you.

You’ve made my journey as me effortless, and I’m grateful for all that you do.

As today marks the beginning of a new chapter, may success, joy, and blessings continue to abound. Happy Birthday.”

Accompanying the message is a snapshot of his brother, capturing the essence of the celebration.

Ogogo’s heartfelt words resonate profoundly with his followers and admirers, prompting an outpouring of well-wishes and a collective celebration of his brother’s significant day.

His Birthday wishes below:

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