“I Miss My Mum alot, She Really Mean A lot To Me”Comic actor Ijebu pays tribute to his late mother one year after her death

Written by fazazy39

On the first anniversary of his mother’s passing, Nigerian comedian Ijebu shared a heartfelt tribute on social media, honoring her memory.

In a poignant post, Ijebu included a video of his late mother and conveyed his deep sentiments of grief and remembrance. He emphasized the profound significance of his mother in his life, underlining how her absence continues to deeply affect him.

He wrote, “A year ago, I received a call from my mom inviting my siblings and me. As was customary, she prayed for each of us and peacefully passed away in my presence, saying she was going to rest. A year has gone by, but not a single day passes without me reflecting on the moments we shared. We believe you’re in heaven, watching over us.”

“I can never forget you. A part of me still feels lost, and I wonder if I’ll ever retrieve it. Perhaps that fragment resides in your heavenly abode, and someday you might restore it to me, making me whole again.”

“Nevertheless, the pain of losing you remains immeasurable. We love and miss you! Please keep a watchful eye on us from heaven. Rest in peace, Yefumbi. #August92022yefunbiniilishan”

Ijebu’s tribute received an outpouring of sympathy, support, and condolences from his fans, followers, and fellow members of the entertainment industry.

See his post below:

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