“You guys are causing shame to muslimhood”- A fan tells Ibrahim Yekini to advise Femi Adebayo to stop promoting alcohol

Written by fazazy39

On social media, a concerned fan raised questions about actor Ibrahim Yekini’s association with actor Femi Adebayo, who had recently celebrated International Beer Day on August 5th.

Femi Adebayo shared a post where he appeared to be enjoying a beer, leading to criticism from certain followers, particularly those who adhere to the Islamic faith.

After Femi Adebayo’s post, Ibrahim Yekini (Itele) responded with three red heart symbols, typically signifying love, affection, and care.

However, one of the fans expressed discontent with Femi Adebayo’s promotion of alcohol and urged Ibrahim Yekini to advise his colleague to avoid such actions.

The concerned fan wrote, “@iteledicon01, your actions are bringing shame to Muslimhood. Let’s strive for both life and Jannah. Please advise yourself, and may Allah help us all.”

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