“Where was your front naa?” Fans asked Foluke Daramola as she shared a throwback photo, and she replied.

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Nigerian actress Foluke Daramola recently delighted her fans and followers on social media by sharing a throwback photo of herself.

The picture showcased a much younger Foluke, revealing a noticeable difference in size, which sparked amusing reactions and curious inquiries from her followers.

The throwback picture revealed Foluke Daramola in her early years, and her fans quickly noticed the difference in her body shape.

She captioned the photo with, “This throwback always cracks me up 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @yetundeayanga @mopeajayi.”

Playful fans couldn’t resist teasing her, playfully asking about the whereabouts of her “front” (referring to her breasts) in the throwback photo.

One fan playfully asked, “Ma’am, please where was your front naa? That’s what made me follow you, I like it.”

In response to the playful comments, Foluke Daramola embraced the fun and decided to join in. She replied with a witty comeback, saying, “@goldieitunu 😂😂I no know o❤️.”

  • Wow, see the clean beauty 😍😍😍 God, the creator of things to come and things we can’t imagine 😂😂 I have a question, ma? Should I go ahead?
  • But you were never big! What exactly did we see?
  • You have always been beautiful, ma ❤️
  • “Woooooow, Foluke, where did you find this picture? It’s been a long journey, my dear best friends 😍❤️😍❤️, and I appreciate and love both of you dearly ❤️😘💋💕💓.”
  • Auntie, you are just an epitome of beauty.
  • Mopson! The queen of throwbacks, always stunning! Those twins sure keep looking at you. Lol, let’s continue being great!
  • This throwback is everything! You were so beautiful… meaning it was after childbirth the front vexed.
  • You looked beautiful then 😍 and even more beautiful now 😍
  • @folukedaramolasalako 😍😍😍 This picture was taken at my wedding in the year 2000. Kemi Adedoyin’s aunt.

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