“Love Is Sweet If You Are With The Right Person”-Reactions as actress Debbie Shokoya shares love-up video with her husband, actor Habeeb Alagbe

Written by fazazy39

Fans, friends, and colleagues in the entertainment industry eagerly responded when the notable Nigerian actress, Debbie Shokoya, shared a heartwarming love-up video with her husband, actor Habeeb Alagbe, on social media.

In the endearing video, captioned “Owanbe Look With My Habibi🥰 I Miss My Friend😢❤️ @habeebalagbe,” the couple can be seen in a tender embrace, exuding love and happiness.

Habeeb Alagbe, Debbie Shokoya’s husband, is a renowned actor in the Yoruba movie industry, and the couple is admired for their affectionate and supportive bond.

Upon sharing the photo, Debbie’s fans couldn’t contain their excitement and flooded the comment section with messages of love and admiration. Many were thrilled to witness the couple’s affectionate display and couldn’t help but gush over their picture-perfect love story.

One fan exclaimed, “Oppression oooooooo! God, please, I’m looking for love too. My friend is oppressing me oooo. Olorun MII.”

Another fan playfully wrote, “Beautiful Debby, please don’t play this type of role again. I’m jealous on behalf of your hubby, lol.”

Another person wrote, “At first, when you guys collaborated together, I thought he was the lucky man.”

And yet another one exclaimed, “Haaaaaaa… you are making the single life painful for me, pappy and big sis…. please release YOU & I, let us broadcast and watch.”

Celebrities and colleagues also joined in the celebration, expressing their joy for the couple’s unwavering bond. They showered the post with heart emojis and congratulatory messages, praising their love as a beautiful example for others to follow.

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