“Actress Ashabi Simple Portable’s 5th Baby Mama Proudly Declares Herself as the 4th Pillar in Olalomi Kingdom, Expressing Her Admiration for the Singer (Watch Video)”

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Yoruba actress Ashabi Simple, the 4th baby mama of Singer Portable, recently shared a heartwarming video of them bonding over one of his songs. In the clip, she affectionately referred to him as her playmate and vibe, expressing her deep admiration for the Zazu crooner.

The video sparked excitement among their fans, and Ashabi Simple’s declaration of being the 4th pillar in Portable’s kingdom created quite a buzz. The actress also delighted their followers by sharing a heartwarming throwback video of her and the Zeh Nation Boss enjoying one of his songs together.

Ashabi Simple openly expressed her deep affection for the controversial singer, referring to him as her playmate and vibe. She declared her love for Portable Zazu unconditionally, showing unwavering support.

In her heartfelt message, she wrote, “Because it’s Thursday, let me keep this throwback here with my choco milo, my playmate, my whole vibe, my switch, my mix flavor. I love you just the way you are, my beloved. Keep being yourself, my dear husband. May God continue to bless your wisdom and everything concerning you, my love. Call me QUEEN OF FAME, the 4th pillar in Olalomi Kingdom. ❤️ Elle Habeeb, Aya Akanni, Mama Atanda, Mummy Fitilamihan ⭐️⭐️”

Netizens have been buzzing with reactions after Ashabi Simple shared an old video featuring Portable.

Here are some of the reactions that followed Ashabi Simple’s video:

therealsamii_temmylarry: “As long as he takes care of you and your child, don’t mind what others say. Just be happy ❤️ Sending love from this side.”

dammykhay__hairlines: “Even the first wife didn’t make such long epistles. I don’t like it.”

ruthlala05: “She said what she said, and that’s the truth. She’s the 4th wife, and she didn’t deny it.”

yimika27: “The 4th pillar? Who’s the foundation then?”

_adeola_xx: “May the 4th pillar stand strong. May God keep you from falling.”

adewale_estherabiola: “The 5th pillar might be coming soon.”

official_magic_touch: “I admire her honesty. At least she knows where she stands, unlike those side chicks claiming to be wives.”

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