Deceased actor Musilu Ajikanle laid to rest in tears,the family announce 8-day Fidau prayer.(watch)

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Certainly! Let’s elaborate on the information provided:

Musilu Ajikanle was a respected veteran actor who unfortunately faced health challenges during his lifetime. After his passing, his family and friends came together to say their final goodbyes and laid him to rest, marking the end of an era for those who admired his talent and contributions to the entertainment industry.

Following his demise, Saliu Gbolagade, presumably a close associate or family member, shared a post on social media to inform the public about the upcoming events to honor the late actor. The post mentioned two significant occasions: an 8-day Fidau prayer and an artist night.

The Fidau prayer is an important tradition in Islam, typically held to commemorate the deceased eight days after their passing. It serves as an opportunity for loved ones to gather and pray for the soul of the departed, seeking peace and blessings for them in the afterlife. In this case, the Fidau prayer for Musilu Ajikanle is scheduled to take place on the 7th of a Monday.

Additionally, the family has arranged an artist night to celebrate the late actor’s life and artistic contributions. The artist night is likely to be an event where fellow actors, colleagues, fans, and well-wishers come together to remember the iconic moments of Musilu Ajikanle’s career, paying tribute to his legacy.

The location for both events is stated as the Iba area of Lagos, indicating a place of significance for the late actor, possibly where he resided or had close ties.

Overall, the post and events surrounding Musilu Ajikanle’s passing reflect the deep love and respect held for the late actor within his community and among his admirers, as well as the desire to honor and remember him in a meaningful way.

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