“Why do you constantly criticize the government?” Kemi Afolabi Face Wahala For questioning the government Over The Death Of A Doctor Due To Faulty Elevator.

Written by fazazy39

Kemi Afolabi faced heavy criticism from trolls after raising questions about the government’s responsibility in the death of a doctor at a general hospital in Lagos Island.

She expressed her concerns over the faulty administration that resulted in the tragic loss of a young doctor, who was only two weeks away from completing her housemanship.

In her statement, the mother of one lamented that the disregard for doing the right thing has resulted in the loss of numerous lives, which, unfortunately, will be forgotten in a few days. She also expressed her condolences, saying, “RIP to you Dr.

Diasco💔 if we speak up now, people may accuse us of using our platform to fight the government instead of supporting and praying for them.”

I believe deep down, we all know what the right thing is, but we tend to ignore it until a situation affects or takes someone’s life. We talk about it for a few days, and then everyone moves on as if nothing happened.

It’s a sad truth that we often realize the importance of an issue only when it directly impacts us.

May the Almighty provide comfort to the friends and family of the deceased. 🥲

Although Kemi Afolabi didn’t directly address the government, netizens criticized her for seemingly attacking them. They argued that the government isn’t accountable for the incident and shouldn’t be blamed for the faulty administration.

In response to the situation, Funke Oluborode expressed her opinion, saying, “Do you always have to attack the government? There are people assigned to manage government property, and they should be held responsible. I believe you’re constantly seeking opportunities to blame the government.”

Kemi Afolabi faces backlash from netizens as she calls out the Nigerian government.

Likewise, Kemi Afolabi received strong criticism online after she raised concerns about the current situation in the country and directly messaged the government on Instagram. She expressed her dismay over the escalating inflation, which has significantly affected the cost of living.

The actress lamented the surge in prices for everything, leading the country into a worsening state. She passionately urged the government to show mercy and consider the plight of the masses affected by the economic challenges.

In her message, she expressed, “The government seems determined to suffocate us.

The prices of everything have skyrocketed 🙆‍♀️, and the country’s situation has deteriorated significantly!

Please, have mercy on us. ILU LE.”

Kemi Afolabi’s post didn’t receive a favorable response from many, who criticized Nollywood celebrities, including her, for backing the current government.

They held the actress and her colleagues accountable for supporting the present administration to replace the previous one, which they believed was inadequate for Nigeria’s well-being.

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