“Thank You God”- Skitmaker Cute Abiola plans to host a grand celebration as his son reaches 40 days old, revealing the date for the lavish party.

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Nigerian skit maker, Abdulgafar Ahmad, popularly known as Cute Abiola, and his wife are joyfully celebrating their son’s 40-day milestone today.

Taking to his Instagram page, Cute Abiola shared his excitement and announced plans for a grand celebration to mark his son’s birth.

The lavish party is scheduled to take place on August 20th, and he encouraged his friends to send their contributions for Aso Ebi.

Expressing gratitude to his wife, he thanked her for making him a father and eagerly looked forward to a joyous and fun-filled celebration. “My baby boy is 40 days old.

To all my friends, please check your DM! On August 20, we’ll have a blast! Don’t forget to send your Aso Ebi Money. Let’s get ready to dance!! @mahma_____, thank you for making me a father.”

In her heartfelt expression of gratitude, his wife thanked her Maker for the precious gift of their son’s life.

With profound thanksgiving, she showered her son with powerful prayers, seeking blessings for him.

“Alhamdulilah Katheran. Today marks 40 days of joy. All thanks to God. My beloved, my delight, Ajibola Iyanuoluwa @wb_jnr, may you live long and prosper, by His grace.

Yassssss, let’s hit the streets, my dear husband. Or, what do you say, my love?”

Cute Abiola and his wife are overjoyed as they welcome their first child.

Two weeks ago, Naija reported that the couple joyfully welcomed their first child.

The online comedian shared the news of his son’s birth on his Instagram page, posting a picture of him and his wife during her pregnancy.

Cute Abiola proudly revealed that his son’s name is Alhaji and expressed his deep appreciation for his wife. He acknowledged that becoming a father to a newborn makes a man truly feel like a complete man.

Cute Abiola and his wife joyfully offer their fans a glimpse of their precious child.

Just a few days ago, the couple delighted their fans by sharing glimpses of their bundle of joy during what seemed to be their son’s naming ceremony. Cute Abiola proudly revealed his son’s name as AMIR ABIODUN IYANU OLUWA, meaning “The Commander.”

Their union appears to be growing stronger, as they had faced challenges and were on the verge of a break-up last year. However, now they celebrate the happiness of their child and the love that bonds them together.

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