“The Few Days I spent In Prison Let Me Know How Valuable Freedom Is”

Written by fazazy39

Controversial skitmaker Trinity Guy couldn’t hold back his emotions as he spoke about his time in jail right after being released.

The Instagram prankster, known for his edgy content, was accused of making an indecent video involving a youngster, leading to his conviction and several weeks of incarceration after the court proceedings.

After nearly two months of absence from his Facebook account, Trinity Guy finally made a post since being released. He expressed that his time in prison taught him the true value of freedom and inspired him to lead an honorable life moving forward.

In his post, he joyfully exclaimed, “THANK GOD DAVIDO BOY IS BACK 🤲🤲”.

Experiencing solitude for a brief period made me realize the true value of freedom and the importance of having a loving family to keep me sane. Moving forward, I am determined to live modestly and stay on the right path.

I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to all my fans around the world, my colleagues, and my family members. Knowing that there are people who love me deeply brings a wonderful feeling.

I extend my blessings to the Nigeria police and everyone who stood by me during my tough times,” he wrote.



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