Femi Adebayo praises Peju Ogunmola’s mesmerizing acting skills, leaving him spellbound.

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Nollywood’s box office King, Femi Adebayo Salami, is giving veteran Peju Ogunmola her well-deserved accolades.

In his forthcoming film, Jagun Jagun, set for release on Netflix this month, Femi stars alongside the screen legend.

He sings her praises, describing her as an absolute force in Nollywood, and her extraordinary talent and dedication to her craft have left him spellbound time and again.

Aunty Peju Ogunmola’s performance in Jagun Jagun surpassed all his expectations, adding style to the film.

Faithia Williams and other celebrities shower praises on Peju Ogunmola as she reunites with Sola Sobowale.

A few weeks ago, Peju Ogunmola received praise from her junior colleagues after sharing stunning photos with award-winning actress Sola Sobowale. The veteran Yoruba actress delighted her fans with the “Picture Perfect” snapshot and her comment section was filled with colleagues singing her praises.

Faithia Williams referred to them as her mentors, while Wumi Toriola described their meet-up as a legendary moment.

Femi Adebayo announces a major collaboration with Netflix for an exciting project.

Femi Adebayo left his colleagues astonished with the unveiling of his latest project, a collaboration with Netflix. He shared a teaser of his new movie, “Jagun Jagun,” on his Instagram page. Femi expressed his dream to surpass Agesinkole in every aspect, which many considered challenging as people questioned what could be bigger than that.

Nevertheless, he accomplished the feat, creating a didactic tale about life, power, people, change, chance, and purpose. The movie revolves around two crucial days in the lives of humans, making it a compelling and meaningful story.

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