“You Will All Regret This”-Once again, Yomi Fabiyi takes on Iyabo Ojo and others regarding Baba Ijesha’s case.

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The ongoing controversy surrounding the Baba Ijesha case escalates as actor Yomi Fabiyi calls out fellow actress Iyabo Ojo and others who have been vocal in condemning Baba Ijesha’s alleged actions.

The case, which involves the alleged sexual assault of a minor by Baba Ijesha, has been under intense public scrutiny.

Through a series of posts on social media, Yomi Fabiyi accused Iyabo Ojo and others of exploiting the case for personal gain and attempting to damage Baba Ijesha’s reputation without adhering to due process.

Watch His speak Below:

A Nigerian lady expresses her feelings uncontrollably in a video after her boyfriend ends their relationship to be with a secondary school graduate.

A young Nigerian lady has taken to social media to express her deep sorrow after her boyfriend ended their relationship.

The heartbroken lady revealed that her boyfriend broke up with her to pursue a recent secondary school graduate who he found more curvy than her.

In a video shared on TikTok, the lady is seen crying profusely while reminiscing about their broken relationship.

The distraught lady shared that she had made numerous sacrifices to keep their relationship strong, only to be dumped for a younger woman.

She further disclosed that her boyfriend was attracted to the secondary school graduate’s appearance, particularly her derriere.

“Relationship that I struggled to build, a girl who just finished secondary school has taken him away with her curves,” she captioned the emotional video.


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