“When I Clock 30’s, I Think I Won’t Be Able To Have My Own Child,Then God Gave Me You”- Actress Kemi Afolabi recounts as she celebrates her daughter ahead of her birthday.

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian actress Kemi Afolabi expressed her heartfelt emotions on social media as she celebrated her daughter ahead of her upcoming birthday.

In her touching post, Kemi shared the personal struggles and doubts she faced during her journey to motherhood, expressing profound gratitude for the precious gift of her daughter.

She opened up about waiting for over thirty years before finally having her own baby, and how she had doubted if motherhood would ever be a reality for her.

But fate had other plans, and she was blessed with a beautiful daughter, Morenikeji Adunni Okomi, who brought immense joy into her life.

Kemi affectionately wrote, “See who is turning a TEEN in a few days! Happy birthday in advance Morenikeji Adunni Okomi💘. You’re a dream come true, and I am forever thankful to Allah for you.”

She shared the incredible moment of becoming a mother at a later stage in life, and her gratitude to God for the blessing she received. Kemi’s post garnered significant attention, drawing love, well-wishes, and admiration from fans, friends, and fellow celebrities in the entertainment industry, who praised her strength, resilience, and inspirational spirit.

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