“You Can Not Spoil Me and Go Free”- Eniola Badmus speak Out against what the Tiktoker Did to Her.

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After the arraignment of Tiktoker Ego, Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus bravely addresses the issue of defamation in a lengthy post on her Instagram page.

She opens up about how she endured body shaming when she was plus size, and now, on her fitness journey, people are still trolling her. Adding to the distress, she faced heavy criticism for her political choices.

In her message, Eniola urges internet trolls to allow people to live their lives and be respected, reminding them that not everyone has the strength to deal with such negativity. She emphasizes that some silently struggle with depression and low self-esteem.

Highlighting that celebrities are human beings too, Eniola calls for empathy and understanding. She questions the motivation behind making defamatory statements without any factual basis, urging people to consider the impact of their words on others.

She acknowledges that while freedom of speech is a fundamental right, it should be exercised responsibly, with awareness of the potential harm it may cause. Eniola shares that she often ignores hurtful comments, but sometimes, they do affect her deeply, prompting her to set an example.

With awareness that defamation is a serious matter with legal and social consequences, she encourages spreading love instead of engaging in negativity. Eniola’s message carries a powerful plea for compassion and empathy in online interactions.

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Ego, the Tiktoker, Sentence to two-year imprisonment for defaming Eniola Badmus.

Just hours after being sentenced to two years imprisonment, Ego, the Tiktoker, was arraigned in court on Wednesday, August 2nd. The Federal High Court sitting in Lagos handed her the two-year prison term.

Blessing Nwakego faced a two-count charge, centered on cyberstalking and committing a felony. Subsequently, she was convicted on both counts and received a one-year imprisonment sentence for count one. The court offered her the option of a N50,000 fine as an alternative.

For count two, Ego was sentenced to two years imprisonment, with the option of a N100,000 fine. The terms of the sentences were to be served consecutively, while the imprisonment terms were to run concurrently.

As per available online information, Ego opted to pay the N150,000 fine to secure her release, choosing the latter option to regain her freedom.

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