“Don’t Teach Me To Rely On You Mummy, I want to make money too” Wumi Toriola’s son begs

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On Wumi Toriola’s Instagram page, she shared an adorable video where her son attempted to imitate her by speaking Yoruba.

As a mother of one, she playfully warned her son to stop mimicking her videos, but he responded with his innocent desire to make money.

The unexpected remark from her son left Wumi Toriola surprised and momentarily unsure about what to say in the video, caught off guard by his cute response.

Wumi Toriola’s son expresses profound gratitude as she lovingly celebrates his birthday.

A few hours ago, Wumi Toriola’s adopted son, Ademide Korede, penned a heartfelt appreciation for the birthday celebration arranged for him.

In the birthday post shared on Wumi Toriola’s Instagram page, she disclosed that Ademide was once her constant vendor, a talented makeup artist, who later became like a beloved son to her.

As a mother of one, Wumi expresses immense pride in Ademide, and she sends heartfelt prayers for his continued growth and success, believing that God will lead him to greater heights.

“Happy birthday to one of my most cherished and constant vendor turned son, Ademide. I am proud of your evolvement, and I’m certain God has greater things in store for you. May this new year be filled with abundant blessings. Have a fabulous year, @davidstouch_.”

In response to the touching post, Ademide deeply appreciates Wumi Toriola’s mentorship, which has significantly shaped his life and career. He expresses his gratitude for having her in his life, feeling incredibly fortunate for the bond they share.

He acknowledges how Wumi has always been there for him, teaching him valuable life lessons about faith, family, hard work, respect, and perseverance. Ademide feels blessed for her consistent support and guidance.

“My dear Wumi Toriola, I cannot express how lucky I feel to have you in my life. Every day, I thank God for our bond. You have been there for me whenever I needed you, teaching me the most important life lessons: the value of faith, the significance of family, hard work, respecting others, and never giving up. You have been a pillar of consistency, and I want to thank you for everything you have done.”

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