“Wumi Toriola expresses her lament, saying, “I have given birth to something that surpasses my power”

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Nollywood actress Wumi Toriola expressed her frustration over her son’s behavior.

While overseas, the movie star shared a video of herself dancing when her son interrupted to show off his dancing skills.

Lamenting the situation, Wumi Toriola stated that she has given birth to a child who surpasses her in many ways.

Nevertheless, she prayed for God’s protection over her child and the children of her fans and followers, wishing them good health and a long life.

“I have given birth to something greater than myself. May God watch over all our children and grant us a life of good health and longevity,” she expressed.

Wumi Toriola makes an announcement about her divorce.

Earlier this year, Wumi Toriola openly confirmed the end of her marriage to the father of her son, barely three years after tying the knot.

Subtly conveying the news on her Instagram page, the actress shared a TikTok video of herself playfully debating between the single and married status options. After some entertaining dance moves, she finally settled on the single option.

Furthermore, on Christmas day last year, the actress celebrated the occasion with her son and friends, but her husband was absent from the festivities.

In a now-deleted post for the new year, the actress reflected on her past and disclosed that in 2022, she made the courageous decision to leave a domestic violent and abusive relationship for the sake of her sanity.

On the other hand, her ex-husband had a different perspective and shared an opposing viewpoint.

Wumi Toriola’s ex-husband opens up about their failed marriage.

During a conversation with his new Igbo girlfriend, Wumi Toriola’s estranged husband spoke about their failed marriage, highlighting the presence of violence, deceit, and betrayal on Wumi’s part.

The girlfriend later leaked their conversation to Instagram blogger, Gistlover, who had initially broken the news of the couple’s crashed marriage. The lady claimed that she was dating Wumi’s husband, and he had denied being married.

Upon discovering that her new partner was the actress’s ex, she confronted him, leading to him revealing details about his “toxic marriage.” Although not delving into specifics, the father of one described his marriage with the actress as an ugly one, characterized by physical assault and deceit. He further expressed regret, stating that the marriage was a total disappointment and even alleged that Wumi physically assaulted his mother.

Wumi Toriola responds to her ex-husband’s allegations of being ‘violent.’

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, Wumi Toriola addressed her ex-husband’s allegations, firmly refuting the report.

She emphasized that she has never engaged in any physical altercation with her mother-in-law or her own mother, and she has witnesses who can vouch for her.

Wumi revealed that her marriage had ended over a year ago, but she chose not to share it on social media to avoid unnecessary drama.

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