“Why Are You Looking For Someone’s Failure” -Wumi Toriola slams haters for asking about her friend, Akeem Adeyemi

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Wumi Toriola, the Nollywood actress, expressed her frustration with a fan persistently inquiring about her close friend, Akeem Adeyemi, and accused the fan of searching for negative information.

The mother of one criticized these trolls for repeatedly posing the same question in her comment section and sternly warned them to stop doing so.

In regards to her friend’s absence, Wumi Toriola stated that Akeem Adeyemi is currently studying in the United Kingdom, while she herself is enjoying a vacation in the United States.

She also mentioned that her friend lost his old Instagram account, which is why many people haven’t been able to see him online lately.

In an emotional response, Wumi Toriola wrote, “This is the third time you’ve asked! Why are you constantly seeking negative news? @akeemadeyemiofficial lost his previous account, and he’s currently studying in the UK, while I’m enjoying my time in the USA. Can you rest now, dear?” Additionally, Akeem Adeyemi penned a heartfelt tribute to Wumi Toriola.

Naijalegit recently reported that Akeem Adeyemi expressed his deep gratitude to his dear friend, Wumi Toriola, through an emotional tribute, acknowledging her love and unwavering loyalty towards him.

Akeem Adeyemi, at a loss for words, poured out his heart on social media, confessing that he couldn’t fathom what he had done to deserve such a remarkable actress and friend.

The up-and-coming actor showered praise on Wumi Toriola for being a loving and loyal friend, and he expressed gratitude for her generous gesture of crediting him with over one million naira for his birthday.

In an Instagram post, he confessed, “Since morning, I’ve been at a loss for words, wondering what I did to deserve such affection and loyalty from you.”

My dearest Anike, my friend, my mother’s child, you are truly a gift.

After covering all the party expenses, waking up to a 1.2 million naira alert on my phone as a birthday gift feels like a dream come true.

Indeed, there are angels among us in human form. May God continue to bless and honor you abundantly, and may you never experience lack. Your love and unwavering loyalty are deeply appreciated.

Our friendship is everlasting, by the grace of God. Everyone, please join me in praying for @wumitoriola. I am at a loss for how to repay this incredibly kind gesture.

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