“We have Up To 4million On Ground For Him”- The Actual reason Why Musiliu Ajikanle Couldn’t Meet Up His Final Operation.

Written by fazazy39

Musiliu Ajikanle, a prominent figure in the Yoruba cinema industry who dedicated many years of his life to it, recently faced challenges due to a stroke.

This health condition not only affected his well-being but also hindered his ability to sustain his livelihood.

Amidst his challenges, a glimmer of hope emerged when Pastor Agbala Gabriel, a renowned philanthropist and spiritual leader, extended a helping hand to the ailing actor, Musiliu Ajikanle. Visiting him at his residence, Pastor Agbala witnessed the severity of the actor’s situation.

Touched by Musiliu Ajikanle’s plight, Pastor Agbala Gabriel initiated a fundraising campaign to provide financial aid for his health and well-being. Known for his selfless acts of kindness, Pastor Agbala’s efforts resonated with both the entertainment industry and the general public, who stepped forward to support the cause.

In a brief period, the campaign managed to raise over 3 million Naira, a true testament to the profound impact Musiliu Ajikanle had on the hearts of countless people. Generous donations poured in from fans, fellow actors, and well-wishers, all eager to contribute to the veteran actor’s care.

Touched by the overwhelming support, Musiliu Ajikanle experienced a life-changing turn of events and paid a visit to Pastor Agbala Gabriel to express his heartfelt appreciation.

Two weeks ago, Pastor Gabriel Agbala visited Musiliu Ajikanle, and already, over 3 million naira had been donated online to support him.

Despite the promising progress in the fundraising effort and the hope for brighter days, fate took a tragic turn. Just moments away from receiving the much-needed assistance, Musiliu Ajikanle passed away, leaving behind a legacy of talent and unwavering dedication to the craft of acting.

As news of his passing circulated, the entertainment industry mourned the loss of an iconic figure.

May his soul rest in peace.

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