“Pastors are cashing out, can’t lie,” I Beg God for a ministerial calling – Singer Olamide voices Out.

Written by fazazy39

Award-winning Nigerian rapper, Olamide, took to his Twitter page and expressed a desire for God to call him into ministry.

He questioned the heavy traffic in Lagos that morning, lamenting over the number of cars on the highway despite the increase in fuel prices.

Olamide mentioned that pastors are cashing out and humorously pleaded with God to consider calling him into the ministry since he believes he can multitask effectively.

Nigerian doctor raises the alarm over a recent photo of Olamide.

A few days ago, a Nigerian doctor raised concerns about a post shared online by Olamide.

The singer had teased his newest song with a photo of himself holding the derriere of a white woman who was wearing only panties.

The viral photo caught the attention of the doctor who pointed out that canisters of Nitrous oxides were close to the bed where Olamide sat.

The Nigerian doctor alleged that Olamide was inhaling the gas pumped into the balloon, as can be seen in the picture.

He disclosed that they had recently discussed the issue of people doing balloons with the NDLEA.

The doctor emphasized the need to clamp down on celebrities to combat hard drugs effectively, pointing out the presence of canisters of Nitrous Oxide close to the bed, indicating its use in the photo shared by Olamide.

In my opinion, if we want to succeed in the battle against hard drugs, we must also take strict measures concerning celebrities’ involvement in drug-related activities.

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