“I’m A Matured Woman, I know What’s Write”-Ruth Kadiri gets heated as she shades colleague Eddie Watson for trying to dictate how she should live her life in her DMs.”

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Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri expressed her disappointment with her colleague Eddie Watson for being disrespectful during their private chat. Eddie made a negative comment about her profile picture, referring to it as scary. Ruth warned him that she would block him and questioned his right to speak to her in such a manner. She issued a strong warning to anyone associated with him, urging them to caution him and questioned his authority to address her with such rudeness.

“Someone needs to caution this EDDIE!! Invading my personal space and telling me what to do! Who do you think you are? Fine, no problem. Rude and disrespectful.”

Actress Ruth Kadiri shares a breathtaking photo on social media.

Ruth Kadiri, one of Nigeria’s most popular Nollywood actresses known for her attractive natural features, has earned a prominent reputation in the Nollywood film industry. At 34 years old, she has showcased her talent and skills in various Nollywood productions.

Recently, Ruth Kadiri sparked discussions on social media when she shared a captivating selfie on her verified Instagram account. The photo shows her wearing a red outfit while driving, and she looks absolutely stunning and adorable in it.

See the picture below:

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