“Pls Help My Life, I Don’t Want To Die Young”-Portable Finally Speaks After Get His Account Back.

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Portable Omolalomi, also known as Ika of Africa, has successfully regained control of his account from Elizabeth Joyce.

For a few days, he couldn’t post on his page due to the changed account name. However, he is now using his Instagram story to share videos and memes as usual.

Portable Omolalomi, also known as Ika of Africa, finally speaks out about the name “Elizabeth Joyce” that his Instagram account is currently carrying.

His words were: “Wahala Wahala Wahala, Joyce Elizabeth, make una continue to they enjoy this one for now.” He further adds, “The death that killed the chicken owner can as well kill the goat owner. If they are chasing you, don’t wait to…” The rest of his statement seems to be cut off, but it appears he is expressing some concerns or caution.

Portable finally reveals that he doesn’t want to die young, and that’s why he has allowed the case to die down. It seems he is prioritizing his safety and well-being in the situation.

Naijalegit previously reported that the popular music producer Portable, also known as Ika of Africa, shared a post through his wife Ashabi Simple stating that his phone was stolen and his Instagram account name had been changed. This incident likely caused some disruptions and concerns for him, but it seems he has managed to regain control of his account now.

According to Ashabi Simple’s Instagram Stories, she mentioned that Portable’s phone had been stolen, and his Instagram account name was changed to “Elizabeth Joyce.” She urged people to disregard any business transactions with that account for the time being, as the person behind it seems to pose a threat to Portable’s life. It’s a concerning situation that requires caution and vigilance.

Portable made it clear that to avoid being defrauded by the scammer, people should put a call through to him directly for any kind of business transaction. This way, he can ensure the authenticity of the communication and protect others from falling victim to the scam. It’s a wise precautionary measure in such a situation.

Please take a look at the video below.

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