“Comedian Woli Agba shares a picture of himself dressed in female attires, pleading, ‘Please, I can explain. Don’t judge me yet.'”

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Popular Nigerian comedian Woli Agba caused a stir on his Instagram account after sharing a picture of himself wearing women’s clothes and wigs. His unique style of religious-themed comedy has earned him a massive following in Nigeria and beyond.

He expressed, “Please, I can explain. Don’t judge me yet… Okay, I am sorry, please forgive me, IPM worldwide. 🙏🙏

” Now he wonders if explaining is necessary or not.

IPM… Progress.

Comedian Woli Agba celebrates his wife on her birthday with a special tribute.

Renowned comedian and skit-maker, Woli Agba, took to social media to commemorate a significant moment – his beloved wife’s birthday.

In a touching post, he eloquently expressed his heartfelt emotions, conveying profound gratitude for her unwavering love, unwavering support, and constant presence by his side.

With genuine admiration, Woli Agba expressed deep appreciation for his wife’s enduring affection and care. He recognized her remarkable patience, exceptional understanding, and unyielding support throughout their journey together.

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