“Fola Tinubu, the ex-wife of Lizzy Anjorin’s husband, declares her determination to reclaim what rightfully belongs to her and her children by fighting wholeheartedly.”

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Actress Lizzy Anjorin’s husband, Fola Tinubu’s ex-wife, expressed her determination to reclaim what she believes rightfully belongs to her. Fola Tinubu revealed this in a social media video, shedding light on the ongoing conflicts between Lizzy Anjorin, Lawal, and his former wives. Fola Tinubu has now decided to address the situation and is willing to give Lawal her attention, even though she had previously expressed her desire to keep him out of her personal life. According to her, Lawal never intended to marry Lizzy Anjorin until she used manipulative tactics to tie him down in marriage.

Bidemi Kosoko has broken her silence amidst the turmoil in her marriage.

Amid rumors of a potential marriage breakdown, Nigerian actress Bidemi Kosoko shared a powerful and uplifting message with her fans and followers. On her social media channels, she encouraged everyone to believe in themselves and pursue their own ambitions, disregarding any comparisons to others. Despite gossip websites and social media posts speculating about her marriage, Bidemi Kosoko chose not to address the rumors, focusing instead on spreading a message of strength and resilience.

In her heartfelt post, she wrote, “I don’t know who needs to hear this, Never compare yourself to others 😏 Trust me when I say You’re much stronger than your excuses 👍 follow your own dreams and believe in yourself 🥰 Remember that What you believe you can achieve 💯👍 How has your day been 😁.”

Her message received overwhelming support from fans and colleagues in the entertainment industry, who commend her for staying true to herself and inspiring others to pursue their dreams despite any obstacles they may encounter.

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