“As I Off My Cloth To Celebrate My Goal On The Field Vex My Father Because My Father Is An Alfa And A Very Good Muslim”-Asisat Oshoala

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian international Asisat Oshoala shared her feelings about her exuberant celebration after scoring against Australia, acknowledging that it might not have impressed her father. Despite being happy to contribute to the Super Falcons’ 3-2 victory, she expressed conflicting emotions, knowing her actions might not align with her father’s expectations.

Growing up, Oshoala admired her father’s values of discipline and humility, making her spontaneous wild celebration bittersweet. She hoped her father would understand the overwhelming emotions she experienced in that moment, fueled by representing her country and the pressure of the match.

While some fans and media outlets celebrated her passion and excitement, others raised concerns about the appropriateness of her actions on the field. Oshoala remained humble and open to different perspectives, assuring everyone that she would find a balance between her passion for the game and the values her father taught her.

The incident sparked discussions about celebrating success while maintaining sportsmanship in football. Oshoala’s self-awareness and maturity in handling the aftermath earned her praise from fans and athletes alike. The victory against Australia was a historic moment for Oshoala and Nigerian football, highlighting her talent and determination.

As the Super Falcons continued their journey in the tournament, Oshoala aimed to make her father proud both on and off the pitch, always mindful of her actions while letting her performance speak for itself.

“My dad is definitely not happy with my choice of celebration, but then again, Life is a collection of MOMENTS. #Alhamdulilah #Grateful #Moments.”

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