“IYALE MI, I express my gratitude for the care and unwavering love you have shown me continuously.” – Actress Bimpe Akintunde celebrates her husband’s first wife.

Written by fazazy39

It’s heartwarming to witness such public displays of maturity and love between co-wives. Adebimpe Akintunde, a popular actress, show host, and filmmaker, known as Wasila Coded, recently shared a joyful announcement about her engagement to the love of her life and celebrated her husband’s first wife.

On her official social media account, Actress Bimpe Akintunde posted an adorable video featuring herself and her fiancé, capturing their affectionate moments as they celebrated their love.

In addition to the video, she shared a beautiful picture of her Iyale (the first wife) along with a heartfelt message. She wished her Iyale a happy birthday, expressing her gratitude for the care and love she always receives from her, even as her co-wife. Bimpe acknowledged the effort her Iyale makes to check on her and show her love, and she genuinely appreciated it. She also prayed for a future filled with love, peace, and harmony for all of them.

Such gestures of love and appreciation can create a positive and nurturing environment for their child and demonstrate a healthy approach to co-wifery. Witnessing adults putting aside their differences for the well-being of their children and promoting a harmonious family dynamic is truly encouraging.

The unexpected display of love and goodwill by Bimpe Akintunde caught the attention of her fans, who flooded the comment section with praises for her maturity and compassionate attitude. It’s inspiring to see individuals setting an example of love and understanding in blended family situations.

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