“I Have Two Children For My Husband Khalid $ Aaliyah Before We Divorce, Though I Got Engaged With Another Man But I Still Love Saheed”- Fathia Balogun .

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Fathia Balogun, also known as Fathia Williams, is a prominent figure in Nollywood home videos. Many might not be aware of her dual names, as she adopted Fathia Williams after her divorce from Saheed in 2014. Interestingly, six years after the end of her marriage, she found love again and got engaged to her newfound partner on her 51st birthday, proving that life can begin anew at any age.

Fathia’s marriage to Saheed Balogun seemed content at first. They tied the knot on September 7, 2000, although details about how they met remain undisclosed. During their time together, Fathia was navigating her way in Nollywood, while Saheed, with 22 years of experience, was already a well-known figure in the industry.

Both Fathia and Saheed had previous marriages before their union. Saheed had been married to a woman named Sherifat, with whom he had two children, Zinat, and Jamal. Fathia, too, had a previous marriage and a son from it. Despite their pasts, Fathia and Saheed appeared to be a happy couple during their six-year marriage, and they were blessed with two children, Khalid and Aaliyah.

The spark in their relationship began to fade in 2006, and they eventually separated, living apart from each other. The official divorce process began in 2013 and was finalized in 2014. Though there were rumors of infidelity, the exact reason for their divorce remains private. Saheed later married Funke Elegushi before the divorce was official, while Fathia initially retained his name for branding purposes but eventually reverted to her maiden name, Williams, in 2017.

Throughout their marriage, Fathia and Saheed were parents to two children, Khalid and Aaliyah. Fathia also had a son, Oluwatosin Akanbi, from her first marriage. The actress tends to maintain a private and reserved life, focusing on her career and family.


After her divorce from Saheed, Fathia Balogun has two children with him. Her son, Khalid Balogun, was born on July 11, 2002, and her daughter, Aaliyah Balogun, was born on April 3, 2005. Fathia keeps information about her children private and only shares pictures of them on special occasions or to celebrate them.

From the photos she has shared, it’s evident that Khalid bears a resemblance to Fathia, while Aaliyah takes after her father, Saheed. In a Facebook post by Saheed, it was revealed that Khalid graduated from secondary school in July 2018. However, apart from these occasional glimpses, both Fathia and Saheed have chosen to keep their children’s lives out of the public eye. Despite their divorce, both parents have access to their kids, but the children primarily live with their mother.

In recent times, Fathia and Saheed Balogun have reconciled and become friends, setting aside their past differences. They even featured together in a Yoruba movie titled “Aje Ola” in 2019, which Fathia wrote. This sparked speculations about a potential romantic reunion, but they clarified that they are just friends and not back together as a couple.

After her divorce, Fathia has dated other men, but she prefers to keep her romantic life private. In 2020, she celebrated an engagement with an undisclosed man, and the event took place in Istanbul, Turkey, on her 51st birthday. However, there have been no further details about the man or any wedding plans, suggesting that Fathia likes to keep certain aspects of her life confidential until she feels ready to share them.

Fathia once shared an interesting encounter on social media, where a young man in his thirties hit on her during her visit to the USA. Despite telling him that her second son was about to enter the university and her first son was already a grown man like him, the young man persisted and didn’t believe her age. Although she didn’t maintain contact with him, Fathia found his confidence impressive.

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