I lied, Davido never helped me – Viral boy confesses, says he was desperate for fame (Video)

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Nigerian Boy Recants Claim of Davido’s Help in Viral TikTok Video

A Nigerian boy, known as Jjfrosh, has come forward to admit that his earlier statements about popular Nigerian singer Davido helping him were false. In a recent TikTok video, Jjfrosh apologized for his deception, clarifying that Davido did not actually extend any assistance to him.

The initial video, which garnered significant attention, portrayed Jjfrosh as someone who had received support from Davido after struggling for years to gain likes and followers on social media.

However, in his latest video, Jjfrosh confessed that he had fabricated the claim in a desperate attempt to gain attention. He revealed that he is a comedian who has been striving to get noticed on social media and believed that associating himself with Davido’s help would attract more interest. Regretting his dishonesty, he sought forgiveness from the public.

In his own words: “I want to apologize to everyone who watched that video. I falsely claimed that Davido helped me, but it was all a lie. Please forgive me for my deception.”

Jjfrosh explained that despite being in the entertainment industry for years, he struggled to gain traction, with his videos receiving minimal likes and support from his audience. Feeling frustrated and desperate for a breakthrough, he concocted the story of Davido’s assistance, not anticipating its viral spread.

He expressed remorse for tarnishing his reputation and pleaded with Davido to genuinely help him. Jjfrosh shared his heartfelt desire for a successful career, recalling how his late father had gifted him a tripod and phone before passing away, and he hoped to prove to his family that he could succeed with Davido’s support.

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The young comedian concluded by expressing his sincere hope that Davido would extend a helping hand to him, acknowledging that only the renowned singer could make a significant difference in his journey to success.

It remains to be seen how this revelation will impact Jjfrosh’s career and whether Davido will respond to his plea for genuine assistance.

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