Congratulations To Salami Rotimi, As He secures a new ambassadorial deal.

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian Nollywood actor, Salami Rotimi, took to his official Instagram handle to share an exciting update with his fans and followers. In a grand appearance, he posted a captivating photo that captured his joyous moment.

The reason behind his beaming smile was the prestigious Ambassadorial Appointment he received from Zeinny Crafts Experience Center. His admirers showered him with congratulations, celebrating this remarkable achievement.

Salami Rotimi, in his Instagram post, expressed his gratitude and excitement for the opportunity. He shared that the day of the appointment, Saturday, was a beautiful one at the Zeinny Crafts Experience Center. Not only did they get to host their ZEINNYfied stars, but they also signed their first brand ambassador, Mr. Rotimi Salami, in person.

Additionally, they launched the ZEINNYfied Stars Club, offering various subscription options for its members. The benefits of being a part of the club include networking opportunities, participation in the VIBE WITH ZEINNY TALK SHOW where professionals from different fields will educate and entertain, and a MONTHLY HANGOUT with Rotimi Salami himself.

Moreover, club members can join the ZEINNY CRAFTS GAME TEAM to enhance their thinking capabilities, self-esteem, and mental health. They will also have a chance to be named the MONTHLY CHAMPION, receiving rewards and exposure. The club members will enjoy loyalty cards offering up to 25% discount on a monthly basis, among other benefits.

Salami Rotimi encouraged his followers to send a direct message to join the club or make inquiries. He thanked everyone who came to VIBE WITH ZEINNY and invited them to Dexterity on September 16, anticipating their presence.

Overall, the post was met with excitement and well-wishes from his fans, celebrating his new role as a brand ambassador with Zeinny Crafts Experience Center.

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