“Caught on CCTV: Maid Urinates in Kitchen on Her First Day of Work, Calls for Arre$t.”(video)

Written by fazazy39

A young maid was inadvertently caught on closed circuit television (CCTV) at her new workplace. Unaware of the presence of the CCTV camera, she was observed engaging in inappropriate behavior within the kitchen area. A video surfaced online, showing her urinating into a cup from the plate rack on three separate occasions, and then disposing of the cup’s contents into the kitchen sink.

Her actions were recorded without her knowledge and brought to public attention when the video circulated. The clip gained significant attention, sparking diverse opinions from viewers who expressed their thoughts in the comment section.

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Below are some comments from viewers:

@Atuhurra said, “Jessssuuuu.”

@Eswine Reigns009 said, “She had an internation.”

@Nantume Hajarah said, “She was just lazy Bambi, and some still have that villagelisms they have to just educate her.”

@Brighton Kalibala said, “She is just dirty; nothing ill she is planning.”

@Luke & Patience, 2023 Michigan State University Graduate Research Assistant, said, “She needs to be educated about tidiness, sikyo mummy.”

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