“Your Father Just Waste Money Sending You To Mecca”Fans drag Pasuma’s daughter as she shares a video of herself smoking at the club.

Written by fazazy39

It’s evident from the reactions on social media that many fans of the renowned Fuji musician, Pasuma, are deeply disappointed and concerned about his daughter Wasilat Ajibola Odetola’s recent behavior. The video she shared of herself smoking at a club, especially after her recent pilgrimage to Hajj, has drawn intense scrutiny and criticism.

Fans are expressing their disapproval and concern over her actions, especially considering her status as the daughter of a popular public figure. They feel that as the child of someone in the public eye, she has a responsibility to set a positive example for her followers and fans. The fact that she herself shared the video appears to have amplified the disappointment among her followers.

Some are even questioning the appropriateness of her actions given the spiritual significance of the Hajj pilgrimage, implying that her behavior contradicted the principles and values associated with such a religious journey.

The comments on the video reveal a mix of disappointment, disapproval, and concern from fans. Some followers seem to feel that her actions are disrespectful and do not reflect well on her image, and they worry about the impact it may have on her father’s reputation as well.

It’s essential to remember that public figures and their family members often face increased scrutiny from the public, and their actions can have a significant impact on their image and the messages they convey to their followers. Many fans are expressing their hopes that Wasilat will consider the consequences of her actions and reflect on the influence she has as the daughter of a popular musician.


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