Despite receiving treatment for a “emotional disorder,” the Nashville school shooter “legally” purchased seven firearms.

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More horrific information regarding the massacre at a private school in Nashville, Tennessee, is becoming available.

According to People, Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake revealed the 28-year-old shooter “purchased seven firearms from five different local gun stores here, lawfully” during a press conference on Tuesday. On Monday morning, three of these guns were used to murder three 9-year-old pupils and three members of the school staff, and the shooter’s parents were completely unaware that their child had access to so many weapons!

The police claimed that the assailant’s parents were not aware that their residence contained seven firearms. They once thought their youngster possessed a single weapon, which they thought had been sold. Additionally, they believed that because the young adult was receiving “medical attention for an emotional illness,” they “should not own weapons.” John said nothing further. But dang. We already knew that the country’s gun control system was broken, but this is just additional evidence of how flawed it is!

The police chief discussed the potential motivation of the shooter during a conversation with NBC News. He acknowledged that they formerly attended The Covenant School, a private Christian institution, and said he believes “resentment” may have played a role.

There is a perception that considerable resentment existed at having to attend that institution.
Police also think that the school was targeted, but not the particular victims. In a news release on Monday, authorities said they discovered what they called a “manifesto” at the shooter’s house, proving the crime was “prepared and planned.” Diagrams “drawn of the school in detail” that noted entry and departure locations as well as monitoring were included in the manifesto. Drake stated to NBC News:

We’re going over several writings that relate to this day, the actual incident. We have a diagram that shows how everything was supposed to proceed.
Embarrassingly, Hale had other targets in mind besides The Covenant Academy, he added:

The manifesto claims that there would be shootings at various places, with the school being one of them.

The gunman, who authorities suspect to be transgender, entered the school through a side entrance carrying two “assault-type weapons” and a pistol, as we’ve previously reported. The Tennessee native was shot and murdered by responding officers 14 minutes after the 911 call. But regrettably not before Evelyn Dieckhaus, 9, Hallie Scruggs, 9, William Kinney, 9, Cynthia Peak, 61, Katherine Koonce, 60, and Mike Hill, 61, were killed there. The Covenant School expressed its sorrow over the passing of its pupils and faculty in a statement made available to People, saying:

“We have suffered a great loss and are still in shock after the terror that destroyed our church and school. We are committed to valuing our educators, staff, families, and kids, as well as starting the process of

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, ViVE, and Victims First are three fundraisers that can be supported by anyone who want to do good in this community. We offer our condolences and prayers to the families who lost loved ones. We also hope that legislators will finally enact the essential reforms to avert similar tragedies in the future and turn schools into the secure environments they need to be.

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