Unizik Students set to protest Against School fees hikes on 12th July(Photo)

Unizik Students set to protest Against School fees hikes on 12th July(Photo)

“Federal universities around the country are supposed to be a sanctuary that accommodates the academic needs for children, teenagers and young adults irrespective the economic and financial conditions of the students and parents”.

The above were the words of a young fresher that had to drop out from the just concluded 2019/2020 academic session. At the succession of professor Charles Esimone on Tuesday 14th May 2019 as the vice-chancellor, the university as nosedived into series of unprecedented and outrageous tuition-fee for both continuing students and newly admitted students. It is not just my opinion but also the opinion of the current vc of the giant citadel of learning that education should be affordable to all sundry.

new school fees
new school fees


photo to school fees increase in unizik
press release by the SUG president

The students of the university have therefore declared Monday 12th of July 2021 as a school-wide protest and a peaceful match in an attempt to dissuade the school management from increasing the school fees while persuading the STUDENT UNION GOVERNMENT of the university led by comrade ANIH CHUKWUEMEKA to please hear the cries of the students who can barely afford 2 square meals on a daily talk less of paying N57,000.

They have also appealed to the School management not to harm any student in a futile attempt to disperse students from the protest grounds, “we only pray what happened at lekki toll gate will not happen on Monday because in this country anything is possible” said a student who pleaded for anonymity.

#Education_is_not_a_ponzi_scheme #Say_no_to_esimonism

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