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Immigrating to Canada is known for its diversity of natives from all over the world. Of all the languages spoken, French and English are at the top of the list of languages to learn if you want to immigrate to Canada.


Immigration programmes to Canada offered by the government in both languages test or show that French speakers have a good chance of success, even if their English skills are not so good. Since provinces like Quebec are French-speaking. It is easy for people from other countries where French is spoken to fit into everyday life in these regions.

Now is the right time to immigrate, as the federal government has announced plans to admit more than one million immigrants to Canada. Find out how you can immigrate to Canada as a French speaker with these benefits and services.
Immigration programmes for Canada

Several immigration programs allow candidates to live in French-speaking communities. In the Human Capital section, you will find numerous sources on Express Entry. These include the Ontario Express Entry: French-speaking Skilled Worker Flow. The Provincial Candidate Program is tailored to the specific labour market needs of each province and any qualified person can apply, but all test the ability to speak French.

Federal Express Entry programs often allow applicants to choose French as their first language and settle anywhere in Canada (with the exception of Québec, which has its own immigration rules).
Ontario Provincial Nominee Program – Immigration to Canada

Under the PNP, Ontario offers many opportunities, including a programme for Francophone professions. The goal of this program is for Ontario to nominate Francophone Express Entry candidates. These candidates must have a good command of English, as well as educational and professional experience. So that they can progress in one of the municipalities in the province.
Express Entry system for immigration to Canada

In 2015, the Express Entry system was developed to integrate the following federal government services:

The Federal Skilled Employees Program
The Federal Skilled Trades Program.
The Canadian Experience Group.

The programme monitors applications that need to be processed within just six months in order to address the increasing labour market problems in certain Canadian business sectors. Profiles are assessed according to the CRS, which awards points for the following criteria.

CRS criteria Award points for:

CLB Language skills (French and English)
Work experience (inside and outside Canada)
Educational background (inside and outside Canada)
Provincial Nomination (PN) achieved
Placed employment
Profile of your spouse (if married)
Siblings living in Canada as permanent citizens

What we do

Immigrating to Canada can be a frustrating process if you are embarking on the journey alone, but with RCICs on your side, you don’t have to worry about managing the application process. These experts have all been through the immigration process and therefore know exactly what documents to submit and when to submit them.

Such advisors are also helpful in evaluating your profile and credentials so that you and your family can make the right decision to move forward with the immigration process. Raise your score, and lighten your load with friendly feedback on your side about the request.

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