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Get Canada Citizenship by marriage – Required Documents


Marriage in Canada is open to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents who wish to marry a foreign partner. But if you and the marriage in Canada procedure, Canada is a secular state characterised by the separation of religion from public transactions in the country, Canada has the privilege of granting permanent residence in the country and citizenship to person citizens.


There are two types of marriages in Canada: civil and religious. The marriage procedures in Canada differ in the issuance of the required papers, either in English or in French, in French-speaking cities such as Quebec. In this topic, we will show you all the procedures required to legally enter into a marriage.

Marriage procedures in Canada

If you live in a Canadian city, you can complete the marriage process by obtaining a marriage licence issued by the city government. These procedures are simple and are done by presenting the couple’s identity card or passport.

If one spouse is from an Arab country, the papers must be translated into English or into French if the spouses live in French-speaking cities, after obtaining the marriage licence from the municipality where the couple is located in Canada.

Now the marriage contract still needs to be concluded by choosing the type of marriage, i.e. religious or civil. Canada has two types of marriage as a secular state, the religious marriage is by the consent of the direct guardian and then go to the house of worship for couples whether church or mosques or other, Canada has the advantage of declaring marriage through civil or religious marriage.

This type of marriage differs in that it does not require the consent of the guardian and the marriage can be announced at the city seat.
Procedure for people living outside Canada

Many people, especially those living outside Canada, wonder under what conditions or procedures a marriage can be contracted with someone.

The country also offers many benefits to married couples from within the country, such as the granting of Canadian citizenship and the possibility of permanent residence in the country. Canada is considered one of the best countries in the world in terms of safety and low crime rates.

Canada is also culturally and religiously diverse and a land of freedom. Canadian universities and educational institutions are very progressive and have several universities that are among the best in the world where students of all nationalities can study without restrictions or high fees. Canada also offers many jobs such as chefs, blacksmiths, carpenters, computer programmers, designers and others.


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