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Do you desire the United States Green Card Visa Lottery? This is basically a break through for people that want to migrate to the United States.


The United States of America is the land of the opportunities, freedom and God’s own country, where you can move to and start a new life with your family. Read through to the last page for the latest immigration steps for those that intend to relocate into the US.

America boasts of developed infrastructures, education, heath care, economical opportunities and among others. Migrants into the US stands a great opportunity to having a better standard of life

America ranks the top best country that offers Visa Lottery for citizens outside the country. We have posted a step by step guideline through the process of obtaining the US Green card visa lottery.

The online application form is called Form DS-5501, Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form, which is available only during the DV open registration period.

Start (open) your Application forms Below:

What You Must know about the USA Green Card Visa Lottery 2021

For you to successfully  for approved the visa lottery, read the below information about what you need to know about the process and how it is done.

The US Green Card Visa Lottery application is carried out online, and this ensures that the process is efficient and secure. Hence, it can not be downloaded the form and fill it out as many would think.

The US Department of State utilizes a special method and other techniques to screen and fish out individuals with fraudulent or illegal immigration status or has submitted multiple entries.

Start early enough as you could experience internet traffic delays as many people would want to upload on the last submission day deadline.

Your application maybe rejected and disqualified if you fail to follow the instructed guidelines in filling out the application forms and providing the necessary correct information.

What are the Requirements to Apply for USA Green Card Visa Lottery?

In order to qualify for application, you must be a foreign national born outside of the United States. The American DV-2021 Green Card Lottery/USA Visa Lottery is meant for foreigners from a country that has a low immigration population rate in the United States.



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