“Who Advises Her To Go For It Self”– Trending Video Of Aunty Ramota In Comaa Over Allegedly Buttty Increment (Video)

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A trending video of Aunty Ramota in comma after trying to increase her backside from a popular hospital in Lagos.

Though the Video was shared Tosinsilvadam on his Instagram page allegedly that it maybe a rumour but he his not sure if it’s true or just a rumour that is trending.

A check on Aunty Ramota’s page revealed that she posted eight hours ago, which is less than 24 hours ago. Therefore, the rumor is not confirmed yet. We need to verify with Aunty Ramota’s page handler before ascertaining its truth.

Aunty Ramota allegedly in coma after undergoing BBL surgery in a hospital in Ikorodu… Allegedly!!!

Read some social media reaction below;

Zainab_ruma wrote: Alot of people are taking advantage of this woman honestly,it’s unfortunate

Solange_jay wrote: It’s almost summer so she wants to flaunt the summer body na 😂😂

Cakebyvelvi_festec_lagos wrote: I pray it’s not true. Women please learn to appreciate yourselves the way God created you🤲. Enough of all these sh@meful de@ths!

Laviv_designs wrote: Aunty Ramota wey never see road normally wan carry nyash join her problem how???😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Iam_nwedu wrote: But wait oo wheelbarrow she go Dey use push the bbl cus the back go big pass all her body

Houseofjaycee_ng wrote: Even if it was for free of charge… why would anyone allow her to do BBL? She no dey pity her small body?!!😢

Golditevensolution wrote: R u sure is not prank bbl where I’ll she see d money or wat I’ll mk her do dat how many house she Don build it can’t be.maybe is fribrod sugery

Official_bigmims wrote: Tonsin wan laugh but he just straight his face not to laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂

Watch The Video Below;

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