Thank you for all you feedback, I will use them to improve and grow – Ibrahim Yekini react to negative responses over his movie Kesari

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actor Ibrahim Yekini, better known by his stage name Itele, has responded to the criticism that followed the release of his most recent Netflix movie, Kesari.

Nigerians have been on and about with negative criticism and reviews since the release of the film on the movie streaming platform.

The actor first responded by sharing the origin of the movie. He shared scenes from the first and second installation which was released in the YouTube app over four years ago.

Speaking on the recent film, Itele shared a throwback of the film and noted that it will be the end of the series of explatnation

The actor discussed the value of criticism but asked that it be delivered with enough tact to support his development without uprooting his roots. 

Itele views the critique as insightful feedback. He expressed gratitude for the insights and pledged to apply them to further his development.

Towards the end, the actor boasted that his film has been streaming at the top of Netflix Nigeria ever since its premiere.

“And here is the end of the throwback journey of KESARI!

Criticism like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots.
Thank you for your valuable feedback. I appreciate your insights and will use them to improve and grow.
Meanwhile, why it’s day 6 and KESARI is still Sitting On the throne Number1 On Netflix Nigeria.”

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